Online Marketing

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You've got a revolutionary product or an unparalleled service that you just know customers will love. The first challenge: Getting your market to find out about it and look more closely at it.

There's an art and a science to motivating people to inquire about your services or come to your location, and our results-driven experience has given us powerful insights into how the process works.

Crantia offers expertise in a wide variety of traditional, digital, and alternative media, and a strong background in matching the right message to the right market through the right tool. Based on your offering and budget, we develop a plan to effectively target your most promising potential customers in the most efficient means possible. And our service goes far beyond strategic planning, buying, and media placement —we can also handle all production, monitoring, and analysis.

Paid Search, Search Engine Optimization services, Online display advertising, online retargeting services, email marketing services and social media marketing are some of the services that Crantia provides.


Your corporate website that boosts your business or your personal website that represents your ideas and thoughts to the rest of the world needs to be viewed by its target audiences. Without good visibility and strong web presence, it is another website in the list of countless websites in the world. What make it distinct and accessed by many are effective SEO services. With this view in mind, Crantia has ventured into quality SEO services. We give you the required web presence so that you reach to more and more number of people. Simply this means your website gets the most optimized position when a user finds a keyword in different search engines, such as Google, Yahoo, and Bing etc.

Online Display Advertising

Display advertising is a long-proven method of reaching new customers and staying fresh on the minds of existing ones. Today, people are spending less time in front of traditional media and more time than ever in front of electronic screens – be it computers, tablets or mobiles. At Crantia, we know that display advertising is highly influential in the purchase decisions of consumers because we have the data to back it up. We also know that display advertising can be detrimental to a business's marketing budget when executed inefficiently. We collaborate with our clients to maximize market reach with highly optimized ads that provide a rewarding return on investment.

Social Media Marketing

Social media is today the most preferred platform to connect with friends, build new relationships, to share information, pictures, videos, experiences and it is also an effective advertising and marketing platform. Social media is a wonderful medium to drive sales for your company. Using social media as part of your sales process is similar to using any other method. Crantia can help you to use social media to generate prospects, and then capture prospects as leads. Through various social media marketing tactics, we help your business prosper and your brand name grow.