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E-commerce presents an efficient and cost-effective means to tap into new markets, diverse customer bases, and niche segments, potentially driving exponential growth and revenue for your business. With Crantia Technologies one of the best ecommerce website development in Kerala, you gain control over various operations, including product management, integrated customized shopping carts, credit card processing, and seamless order processing, tailored to enhance your E-commerce endeavors. Our advanced online stock and inventory management system offer real-time insights into product categories, while simplified shipping module and gateway integration ensure dependable transactions and a secure shopping experience for your customers.

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Online stores vary in their setup, ranging from SaaS-based platforms to off-the-shelf solutions, or custom-built using technologies like PHP and MySQL. It's crucial to inquire about the types of ecommerce websites your development partner has recently delivered.

In today's world, mobile-friendly online stores are essential as products are often discovered through mobile devices. Such websites are also favored by Google, potentially resulting in higher rankings compared to competitors. Ensure to inquire about the expertise of potential website developers in creating mobile-friendly ecommerce platforms.

When building online stores, experience is paramount. Entrusting your project to a team with a decade-long track record in ecommerce ensures expertise and adherence to best practices. The experience of the lead developer is crucial. Finding someone with 10-15 years of experience in ecommerce and database website development is invaluable.

Launching a basic online store with an off-the-shelf solution may take a couple of weeks, while a more complex platform could require several months. Ensure to clarify the timeframe based on your desired features and design goals. Be cautious of promises for a rapid launch with extensive features akin to Amazon's, as these may warrant further consideration.

SEO is crucial for Google ranking, so it's essential to build your online store with up-to-date SEO standards. Neglecting SEO during development can hinder long-term performance and growth. Therefore, evaluate shortlisted ecommerce developers based on their SEO expertise.

If you lack experience with ecommerce websites, you'll need extensive after-sales support for bug fixes, design changes, and process improvements. Top ecommerce development firms typically offer 4 months of support for mid-sized stores and up to 12 months for technical issues from their development.

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