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10 Aug 2023

The SEO strategy is constantly changing with the industry’s newest SEO trends. We have seen so many SEO changes in the past few years, and there is a possibility to witness more of these in 2022. SEO continues to be a game of adaptation as new SEO changes are released to optimize websites for relevance in search rankings.

Using latest content creation strategies, you attain success as your website gets new direction and broader readership to focus on a targeted readership.  SEO content makes the website realize its potentials and connect with the target audiences. Experts understand the importance of SEO content as to how it can bring a new resurgence. Expert SEO content writers carve out web content, blogs, and articles so that they do well in search engine optimization.

Types of SEO Content

SEO content can include any of the following:

Product Pages – These are the bread and butter of any retail e-commerce site. A good product page can serve as both SEO content and a PPC landing page.

Blog Posts – A blog is one of the easiest ways to create a regular stream of effective SEO content. In general, blog posts are more engaging and more likely to attract links than product pages, so they can be a great way to build some authority for your site. (Keep in mind that blogs are very flexible, and you can use them to host any of the below types of content in this list.)

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Articles – Think news article, interview, or feature piece. This is the main kind of content you’ll find on most newspaper- or magazine-style websites.

Lists – A list is really just a kind of article, but framing it as a list (such as “Top 10 Webdesign companies in Kerala” or “101 Things I Hate About Google”) makes it easier to scan. These types of titles also seem to be more clickable when found in search results or in social media feeds.

Guides – A guide is a longer piece of content that explains in detail how to do something. (Guides are often broken up onto multiple web pages, though it’s a best practice to allow users to view long content as a single page if they wish.) You can post a full guide on your website, or you can post a summary or excerpt, requiring visitors to fill out a registration form to read the full guide. This can be a good way to generate leads, but keep in mind that putting up a registration wall will likely reduce the amount of SEO traffic you can drive to that guide.

Videos – In general there are fewer videos on the web than pages of text; consequently, it can be easier to rank on the first page for a competitive keyword by creating a video instead of an article. Depending on what type of site or business you run, videos can be a great way to attract and reach an audience. Consider creating video tutorials of how to use your products. Or illustrate a process that is related to your business – for example, a plumber could make a video showing how to unclog a sink.

Infographics – Infographics, or large-format images that contain a lot of data (often in the form of graphs or charts) on a single subject, can rack up a lot of page views and links. However, because so much of the content is embedded in the image and therefore not readable as text by search engines, it’s important to carefully optimize the rest of the content.

Directories – A directory is a useful taxonomy of links to sites or resources around a given topic. For example, a perfume blog might create a directory of places to buy perfume, from major department stores to independent shops around the country.

These are just some of the basic types of SEO content and in Crantia Technologies, one of the Best Web design and Digital marketing agency hailing from Kerala, India  we have a team of well experienced SEO specialists and content creators. We offer best SEO optimized websites and Digital marketing services.

Content Creation: Strategies to consider

2022 has been focusing on quality content, with 6 out of 7 updates targeted towards the content.

Today, some content methods are no longer applicable. Unfortunately, over time, we became too technical in SEO and forgot that the content we produce is supposed to serve a purpose for humans. Writing for humans means producing high-quality content. Search Engines are getting better at understanding content as humans would; it now:

  • Puts context into queries and sentences.
  • Punishes keyword stuffing.
  • Analyzes the holistic meaning of a query.
  • Looks at the meaning/scope of whole paragraphs.
  • Leverages NLP and AI to predict information people want.

So when you want to start writing high-quality content, there are some factors to look at.

  1. Consider yourself as a reader before publishing a content. Humans respond to narratives, stories, brands, and information – and so do search-engine algorithms. So, make sure you:
  • Start with intent – the “why.”
  • Focus on the “who.”
  • Personalize content.
  • Tell stories.
  • Make it readable & user-friendly.
  1. Focus On Topics & Not Keywords

Topic clustering is important.  This doesn’t mean keywords don’t work anymore. It just means keywords should be within the topic cluster.

Topic clusters are great for:

  • Future-proofing SEO.
  • Scaling SEO strategy based on topics.
  • Internal linking.
  • Attracting backlinks.
  • Increasing web engagement.
  • Increasing conversion.

So considering these features in mind, adapting to the rapidly changing SEO standards will be easier, and you’ll be able to energize more of your online presence.

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