10 web design trends to apply in 2024

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08 Jul 2024

The concept of design for the web is continuously shifting and changing. Looking into the future to 2024, some new trends in web design and the development of artificial intelligence have influenced the creation and use of websites.

From type to sustainability and AI, this is your complete guide to the biggest Web Design Kerala trends of the year.

Some Web Design Trends for 2024:

Immersive 3D Experiences: Taking Engagement to New Heights

The integration of technology and design has led to the use of 3D experiences in website design as the new trend. By 2024, I expect the popularity of websites with elements of 3D to increase as they create interest and involve the audience. From realistic 3d graphics to the parallax effect that gives an illusion of layers, designers use all the tricks to make their websites come alive and take the user on a journey beyond the 2d interface.

Dark Mode Dominance: The Physical Look and Utility

Dark mode has become quite popular in recent years, and by 2024, it is predicted that more and more websites will implement it. Besides the visual enhancement, it has been found that dark mode has practical advantages including low eye strain, and energy saving for OLED screen users. Currently, web designers are trying different techniques on how to design what is known as dark mode where the user has the option to switch between the normal mode and the dark mode.

AI-generated imagery

The question is, one of the areas where AI can be of great help is to generate website-specific images. This can work for many projects where it is either impossible to find the images that one needs at a reasonable price or the client needs something special.

Some of the common briefs that the AI image generators can use include specific styles that they have to create, words, and examples of what should be produced.

AI in website and content planning

Another application that might be helpful is content and site map planning. AI can assist in planning the content to make sure that you are hitting all the right topics and messages. However, this does not mean that you should completely put your trust in AI because of the nature of AI.

This is where one has to understand that the AI is not all-powerful and does not possess all the knowledge. It is incredibly understandable and still, it can only process the information it has been input with. Thus, if you tell it to design a structure of a website for the industry where most of the websites are poorly designed, you might get a not very good structure.

Y2K Effects

Guess what? Nostalgia is here and it is stronger than ever. Now, it is time for the big and bold; retro illustrations that have made a comeback in the 2020s. Designers have started to use some graphics that can be associated with the 90s, particularly towards the end and Y2K. The effects of Y2K are quite likely to be the major influence in the field of web design for the year 2001.

Buzzing in the background, neon colors, and text that resembles the matrix are some examples of what may start to trend. Because people are very sensitive to the issue of nostalgia in design, it is not surprising that Y2K aesthetics are being employed in branding increasingly more frequently.

Kinetic Or Dynamic Typography

Another emerging trend in web design is this one. Kinetic typography is the technique of applying animation to text to enable it to attract the attention of consumers. This trend is already being picked up by many designers and brands.

Thus, kinetic typography can act as the hero of your website and can be used as a separate element on the home page as well. Thus, by using text for headlines or subheadings, it is possible to grab users’ attention and not overload the website with information.

Interactive and Storytelling Designs

Interaction website elements are used more and more often, and this trend of user experience animation will continue to be a critical part of web design in the future, including 2024. The customer tends to stay longer on the page that contains the elements of the responsive and interactive website. Sadly, such UX design trends as this one can be quite costly and take ages to develop. The Web Design Kerala team will be glad to witness more integration of automated development practices in the future and lower prices for clients who would like to add exclusive and engaging elements to their websites.

Parallax scrolling

Parallax scrolling is when the background elements of a website move at a slower rate than the rest of the content, thus giving the impression of three dimensions. This simple yet effective design element enriches the narrative, shows the flow of the user on the website, and increases the level of user experience and interactivity.

Parallax scrolling is not a novelty in the design sphere; it was rather popular about ten years ago. But in 2024, it is again increasing with a new trend. Instead of the previous models and images, parallax scrolling will include even more live and video elements.

Kinetic typography

This is the process of making the text move in a way that they can be able to draw the attention of the audience and pass the intended message. This trend enhances the use of text from just being informative to being a visual component. Combined with the fact that more people now use layout and design software for creating web page content, and people’s changing attitude toward the use of bright, active content — kinetic typography is likely to revolutionize the appearance of websites so that they become more of an experience rather than just a source of information.

Interactivity and Motion Effects

Thus, it can be stated that what the future appears to hold, interactivity is a technology that cannot be replaced at the very least, for the present time being. Interactivity, together with motion effects, have become rather popular and quite noticeable. They are so popular that even Forbes encourages people to make their websites interactive ASAP, backing their appeal with these strong reasons:

  • They increase engagement which is vital especially if the customers are not very patient.
  • It keeps attention.
  • It enables conversion to be efficient.
  • It improves the degree of interaction with the clients.
  • It creates additional income.
  • This enables the organization to easily gather information concerning the visitors, their activities, and their interests.

Final Thoughts

The future of digital design is to design more purposeful, compelling, and simple interfaces that also can be beautiful. These are just a few of the trends we expect to appear in the 2024 projects, of course, whether you will use all of them or will pay attention to which of them will become a web design standard and will slowly incorporate into your projects, we are looking forward to the further development of the web and design. And if you want to get more ideas for your next project, turn to Crantia Technologies and get your web design done here.

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