Maximizing Your Results: The Synergy between SEO and Google Ads


10 Nov 2023

SEO and Google Ads may seem like completely opposite strategies, but they actually have a crucial similarity: they both help businesses appear in top positions on Google. By using these strategies in unity, you can achieve quality results for both your SEO and your ads campaigns.

When running a Google Ads campaign, your main goal is to generate high-quality leads that justify your ad budget. On the other hand, SEO involves optimizing your website to generate organic visibility for your business.

Use Google Ads to find real-time data on search terms. Filter out phrase match keywords to find keywords that generated your ads. Use these keywords to write blog posts and get organic traffic to your website.

Maximizing ROI: Leveraging High-Performing Ad Keywords for SEO Success

Use high-performing ad keywords on your website and in your SEO campaign. Create a page for a keyword that performs well and try to rank for it. When you eventually rank for the keyword, remove it from your ad campaign and put that money on another keyword.

Data-Driven SEO: Leveraging Google Ads KPIs to Optimize Keyword Strategy

Analyze KPIs like Average CPC, Impressions, Clicks, and conversion to understand what keywords are working for you and whether or not you should move them in your SEO campaign.

Testing your Landing Pages

Analyze your landing pages and understand how users interact with them. Use the behavior of users from your ads campaigns to optimize your landing page copy until you find the best possible version.

Experimenting with Meta Tags

Use multiple choices of titles and descriptions on your ads to get the most CTR. Take the titles and descriptions that perform the best and use them on your landing page to get the same result.

Keywords that have high impressions

Investigate keywords with a large number of impressions and think about whether they should be used on your website.

Using these SEO and Google Ads strategies together can lead to better quality score, improved ad rank, thorough keyword research, a greater understanding of your customer base, and improved reach. When the keyword of your campaign is ranking organically, it would cost you less CPC and result in improving your quality score.

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